Sehnsucht Symphony

Sehnsucht Symphony

TAMPA, Fla – Tampa-based ministry VU VI VO is proud to announce its partnership with accomplished Composer Constantine Caravassilis to produce Sehnsucht Symphony, the transformative symphonic poem based on VU VI VO Founder Zach Elliott's acclaimed book, "Now I See.”

VU VI VO, known for its commitment to sharing the life and beauty of the Gospel of Jesus with the world by uncovering enchanted reality through content, art and immersive experiences eagerly embraces this opportunity to support artistic collaboration that explores the profound human longing for spiritual fulfillment. By joining forces with Elliott and Caravassilis, VU VI VO aims to amplify the impact of Sehnsucht Symphony and spread its message of hope to a global audience.

"Partnering with Zach Elliott and Constantine Caravassilis on Sehnsucht Symphony aligns perfectly with our mission to engage hearts and minds through beauty," says a spokesperson for VU VI VO. "This collaboration represents a fusion of creativity and Christ centered spirituality that resonates deeply with our vision for nurturing embodied faith.”

As Producer of Sehnsucht Symphony, VU VI VO will oversee the project's development and distribution, ensuring that the symphonic poem reaches audiences far and wide. VU VI VO plans to maximize the reach and impact of this groundbreaking artistic endeavor through live performances and by recording the piece with the Brno Philharmonic in the Czech Republic.

"We are excited to bring Sehnsucht Symphony to life and invite people from all walks of life to experience its transformative power," adds the spokesperson. "Together with Zach Elliott, Constantine Caravassilis, and our partners, we are bringing to life something truly extraordinary—an artistic masterpiece that speaks to the deepest longings of the human soul.”

VU VI VO invites individuals and organizations to become partners in the project by contributing to its development and promotion. Donations to VU VI VO symphony project will directly support the production and distribution of Sehnsucht Symphony, enabling the ministry to reach new audiences and share the life and beauty of the Gospel.

Sehnsucht Symphony is scheduled to be recorded with the Brno Philharmonic in the Czech Republic from November 4-7, 2024. The piece will debut in early 2025.

For more information on how to become a partner in the Sehnsucht Symphony project or to make a donation, email

To order your limited edition signed Sehnsucht Symphony print, visit: V3 Conservatory Collective