On beauty

an Immersive experience

An activity which is meaningful in itself, first, cannot be accomplished except with an attitude of receptive openness and attentive silence—One of the fundamental human experiences is the realization that the truly great and uplifting things in life come about perhaps not without our own efforts but nevertheless not through those efforts. Rather, we will obtain them only if we can accept them as free gifts.

~ Josef Pieper

WHAT IS on beauty?

In an age dominated by distraction and driven by the compression of time, VU VI VO’s On Beauty immersive experience offers an opportunity to recover a way of seeing which offers rest for the soul.

On Beauty includes a 6 week curated reading and discussion experience with Russ Ramsey’s book, Rembrandt is in the Wind, followed by a three day guided group experience at the Art Institute of Chicago. Participants enjoy exploring the role of beauty as a penultimate reality, recovering the ability to see “through” it as a gift and rekindling their own creative capacity.
VU VI VO’s mission is to share the life and beauty of the gospel with the world. Our On Beauty immersive experiences help us accomplish our mission by sharing something with each participant that continues on through them.

Our goal is to provide this life changing opportunity to 18-30 year olds without creating a financial burden for them. This opportunity is made possible through the generous ongoing support of our partners in the Gospel. If you would like to participate in an On Beauty immersive experience or would like to support the work of VU VI VO in order to help us continue sharing the life and beauty of the gospel, please contact info@vuvivo.com.

Beholding happens when we stop trying to “hold” and allow ourselves to “be held”. We are completely enchanted by something outside and beyond ourselves.