Zach Elliott

Founder / Executive Director
Zach is a husband, father, speaker, author, and thought leader, engaging the world with a powerful message of hope and restoration in Christ. He served as a pastor and church planter in the Pacific Northwest for twelve years. In 2016, Zach left the Pacific Northwest for Tampa Florida. He partnered with a close group of friends and family to give birth to VU VI VO Ministries. Zach is passionate about helping people discover life and beauty in even the most unlikely places. 

Cammie Elliott

Ministry Director
Cammie is the link that makes it possible for V3 to share the gospel + love the church. She is respected for her faith, loyalty, dedication and wisdom. She is a wife, mom of four, trusted friend, and an organizational force. Cammie has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Portland State University and has served in ministry for 17 years.

Jerome Milner

Board Member / Director of Church Ministry
"I believe there’s beauty in the relationship we get to cultivate with God. Seeing the growth in people who choose to follow Jesus lights me up. I’m a loving husband and father who wants to see the truth of the gospel not just light up individuals but whole cities."

ERin Milner

Ministry Support & Logistics
Erin is a free spirited wife and mother who finds joy in unity and peace amongst all things. Always seeking adventure in God's creation with friends and family. She graduated from Portland Community College in 2016 with an Associate of Arts Degree. Erin enjoys working with people and has years of experience managing teams. 


Chapel Worship Director
Megan Turnquest was born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas. She moved to Tampa, Fl in 2012 to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Communication, which she obtained in 2016. She is now in Seminary pursuing a Masters Degree in Theology, and once completed, she plans to go into full-time ministry. She loves to sing, and is looking forward to all the Lord will do through her. 

Ashley Williams 

Director of Pastoral Care
Ashley is a wife, mother and a Seattle native. God lead her and her family to Tampa in 2018. Ashley became a part of the V3 team after enjoying life together in the Tampa Chapel community. Her compassion and care for people continually enrich the V3 community and deepen our ministry. Ashley graduated from Ashmead College in 2004 and has been practicing Massage Therapy for 15 years. She has a passion for food and loves to cook, bake and host. 

Karl Messenger

Ministry Advancement
Karl is a husband, father, pastor, hockey player, and trailblazer. He loves plowing tough ground for God’s kingdom. He has pastored churches, serving as a youth pastor, campus pastor, and planted churches as a lead pastor and pastor of development & culture. He and his wife Liz have 4 children (Evelia, Josephine, Luciana & Kayden) and live in Grosse Pointe Michigan. He has been a part of the VUVIVO family ever since he met Zach & Jerome at the first pastor’s breakfast in Tampa, Florida, in January, 2017.

Riley Cooper

Sound, Media & Recording Technician / LAB: The Podcast Producer
Riley is a young and passionate young man born and raised in Tampa who is determined to learn, grow, and help teach other how to create and run events in a worship environment.