Sharing the Life & Beauty

of the gospel with the world

The Mission

We are building a loving community to care for culture, equip future leaders and encourage the Church around the world.

The Vision

This may sound deceptively simple but the vision is Jesus. Look to Him. Look like Him. Look with Him. 

Flourishing is relational not circumstantial

Zach Elliott, Now I See

Integration not opposition

This is our framework. It's the spaces we seek to be the very presence of embodied faith, shared hope, and out-poured love. We don't pretend in separation; instead we imagine collectively with the mind of Christ in whom we live, move and have our being.


We are ultimate participants not critical spectators of culture. Culture is the medium on which we live and share our stories of life and beauty. We’d love for you to share & connect with our content by exploring these platforms:
  • LAB the Podcast
  • LAB Sessions
  • LAB Initiative
  • V3 Chapel
  • V3 Radio
  • V3 Market
  • Now I See - by author and V3 founder Zach Elliott


If we’re serious about sharing the life & beauty of the gospel in the world then we need to focus on sustainability. We are committed to making strategic and meaningful investments in the women and men who will shape culture, future and church generationally and systemically.

  • VU VI VO Fellowship
  • Leadership Training


Our vision of “church” has never been small. The hope and purpose in the gospel belongs in every part of life. Church is not place-making it is disciple-making. The vision is Jesus.

  • Community of Practice - Pastoral care and consultation
  • Affiliate Churches - Partnering, consulting, mentoring
  • VU VI VO Churches - Our team prayerfully identifies opportunities to cultivate new gospel communities globally

Want to know more about VU VI VO's transformational work in the culture, future, and church spaces?